Section 8. General Cleanliness & Safety

For the sake of cleanliness, safety and stature of our Village, the members and the residents are enjoined to observe the following rules:

8.1 Pedicabs, horse-drawn vehicles (i.e. caretelas, carromatas) and pushcarts are not allowed entrance into the Village except for children’s party; provided that the horses are properly provided with adequate chamber pots to avoid littering the streets with wastes. Public utilities can enter the Village if they are occupied by residents or their visitors, and those delivering to the Village’s needs. Passenger public utilities authorized by the Dasmariñas Village Association may transport passengers within the Village area only and under the supervision and control of the Board of Governors thru its Security Committee.

8.2 Persons other than members, residents and their guests or visitors are not permitted to loiter or wander aimlessly in our Village. Vagrants will not be tolerated. Household helpers will avoid loitering outside their respective houses.

8.3 Guards will see to it that no construction crew or resident use water from the water line without the required water meter or permit to have water connection from Manila Water Corporation Inc. (MWCI).

8.4 All types of commercial vehicles are prohibited to garage or park inside the residence or park on the street overnight.