Rules & Regulations



Section 1. Accounts, Fines, Penalties and their Interests

Section 2. Traffic Regulations

Section 3. Security Control

Section 4. Environment and Sanitation

Section 5. Prohibited Activities in the Village

Section 6. Use of village facilities

Section 7. Garbage Collection, Disposal and Fees

Section 8. General Cleanliness & Safety

Section 9. Police Protection

Section 10. Noise & Public Nuisance

Section 11. Sightseeing

Section 12. Miscellaneous Provisions


The following shall be the minimum fines/penalties which shall be collected for various offenses committed in violation of the provision of the rules and regulations:

Section 1. Building and Construction Violations

1.1 Absence of approved plans on site during inspection – P500.00 (Art. IV Sec.1.2.2)
1.2 Spills/muddy tires/oil & grease stains etc. on streets caused by delivery trucks – P1,000.00 (Art. IV Sec.3.2.2)
1.3 Fence around construction sites (Art. IV Sec.3.5) – P1,000.00
1.4 Garbage and construction materials. (Art. IV Sec. 3.9.2) – P1,000.00
1.5 Overnight stay-in workers (Art. IV Sec. 3.10.1)

First violation – P1,000.00 plus P100.00 for every excess of 2
Second violation – P2,000.00 plus P200.00 per person in excess of 2
Third violation – P4,000.00 plus P400.00 per person in excess of 2
Fourth violation – Forfeiture of total cash bond

1.6 Road Closure (Art. IV Sec. 3.14.6) – P2,000.00 per day
1.7 Other fines and penalties (Art. IV Sec. 11.2)

  • First violation – P1,000.00
  • Second violation – P3,000.00, contractor will be called in for a meeting and the property owner will be informed
  • Third violation – P5,000.00, work stoppage for three (3) days and the property owner will be informed
  • Fourth violation – suspension of work until lifted by DVA.

Section 2. Environment and Sanitation Violations

2.1 Stray dogs and cats (Art. V. Sec.4.3.1) – P1,000.00
2.2 Dogs not allowed within the park (Art. V Sec. 4.3.2) – P500.00

Section 3. Security Violations (P3,000.00 – P10,000.00)

3.1 Possession of fake DVA vehicular tags / stickers – P10,0000.00
3.2 Unauthorized use of DVA vehicular tags / stickers – P10,0000.00
3.3 Sale/possession and use of illegal drugs – P5,000.00
3.4 Vandalism or damaging/destroying Village property – P5,000.00
3.5 Driving under the influence of liquor or prohibited drugs – P5,000.00
3.6 Conveying VISA applicants or any unauthorized person into the Village – P3,000.00
3.7 Use of air guns, BB guns, etc. – P3,000.00

Section 4. Traffic and Parking Violations (P500.00)

4.1 Disregarding traffic signs / traffic officers
4.2 Smoke belching
4.3 Reckless driving
4.4 Obstructing traffic
4.5 Driving without headlights
4.6 Not wearing helmet while driving a motorcycle
4.7 Driving without license / failure to show license
4.8 Illegal parking (No parking areas, along curves or near grade and in front of driveways)
4.9 Permanent parking (stalled / defective vehicles)
4.10 Illegal counter flow
4.11 Drag racing
4.12 Overnight parking of non-residents and commercial vehicle
4.13 Use of any motor vehicle with open mufflers or loud horns
4.14 Use of roads for driving lessons
4.15 Over speeding
4.16 Engine running while parking/waiting
4.17 Blowing of horns from 11:00PM to 6:00AM
4.18 Cutting corners
4.19 No entry at one-way signs
4.20 No loading and unloading

Section 5. Sanitation Violations (P500.00)

5.1 Failure to clean-up/remove animal wastes
5.2 Littering along the street
5.3 Urinating at sidewalk/vacant lots

Section 6. Miscellaneous Violations (P300.00)

6.1 Failure to secure DVA I.D. for transient workers
6.2 Tampered /fake temporary or regular DVA I.D.
6.3 Allowing another person to use DVA I.D.
6.4 Major repairs of vehicle along the street
6.5 Unauthorized advertisements and distribution of pamphlets, brochures, etc.
6.6 Using Village streets/sidewalks/ empty lots to display any item for sale
6.7 Unauthorized trimming of trees located on the sidewalk
6.8 Curfew violation (10 P.M. – 5.A.M.) for stay-in household/domestic staff
6.9 Bringing liquor or any alcoholic beverages by household / domestic staff
6.10 Possession of any prohibited & endangered animals
6.11 Open fires
6.12 Disturbing the peace
6.13 Cruelty/inflicting harm on animals
6.14 Gambling in public areas and collection of gambling bets


The Dasmariñas Village Association has the right to prescribe the rules and regulations regarding the occupancy and the use of lots in Dasmariñas Village; amend or cancel existing restrictions; regulate the types or architecture, construction and building plans in the area; make provision for public utilities, fire protection, maintenance and repair of streets, private police protection, etc. as may be desirable for the convenience and good of the residents in the area; provide for the collection of assessments, such assessments shall constitute a lien on the property junior only to liens of the Government for taxes and to voluntary mortgages for sufficient consideration and entered into in good faith. This right is found in the papers of Incorporation, the By-Laws, and subsequent Board Memoranda.

Rules and Regulations and restrictions not presently incorporated in this printing will be issued by the Association in circular form, from time to time.