Section 7. Garbage Collection, Disposal and Fees

7.1 Collection Time of Garbage. Waste collection schedule for residuals, garden wastes, kitchen wastes are as follows:

Residuals & Kitchen WastesMonday, Wednesday, Friday & SundayBefore 9:00PM
Garden WastesTuesday, Thursday & SaturdayBefore 8:00AM

7.2 Garbage Disposal. The members of Dasmariñas Village are required to dispose their garbage thru the use of plastic trash bags provided by the Association. The cost of the trash bags more than the allocated of one (1) per day is charged to the residents.

7.3 All residents of Dasmariñas Village will dispose of their garbage through the garbage collection service provided by the Association.

7.4 This assessment for garbage fee shall be paid to the office of the Association in advance, along with the payment of Association dues.

7.5 Sanitation services include pest control programs in public areas.