Section 6. Use of village facilities

6.1 Parks and playgrounds

6.1.1 In the case of games played at night, the Sports Complex Coordinators upon proper request and arrangement will turn on lighting facilities;

6.1.2 During play hours, security and necessary protection will be provided in the park to see to it that groups and other users that are allowed under official reservations enjoy free use of the facilities during the period allotted;

6.1.3 Cases or incidents occurring in the park during play hours are requested to be reported to the nearest guard for appropriate attention and/or action;

6.1.4 No motorcycles/motorbikes are allowed in the park at any time;

6.1.5 Children are discouraged from playing on the streets. They must be brought to the parks for the purpose;

6.1.6 Teenagers and/or children are prohibited from hanging around and/or playing in the construction sites; and

6.1.7 The Association is not liable for accidents or injuries as a result of games or use of park facilities.

6.2 Basketball Gym

6.2.1 Game Reservations and Time Schedules. Teams, players and other groups that desire to use the basketball courts are required to make reservations with the Chairman of the Sports Committee through the office at Campanilla Street. Reservations for scheduled games listed with the office shall be strictly on a “first-come-first-served” basis. Teams, players and groups with a minimum membership of at least five (5) shall be allowed to make reservations for the court at any scheduled time. A maximum of two (2) hours shall be allowed to any team of players and other groups, and when no reservation is made for the succeeding hours at the same date, teams and/or groups on the court may be allowed to extend their allotted time. To allow bonafide residents to use the gym, no reservation shall be made during the following schedules:

a. Saturdays6:00 A.M. to 5:00 P.M. Games may resume from 7:15
P.M. to 9:00 P.M.
b. Sundays6:00 A.M. to 9:00 P.M.

6.2.2 All games, official or not, shall be permitted only up to 9:00 P.M. in order that residents living close to the park will not be disturbed.

6.2.3 Players using the gym are required to use the proper playing shoes and basketball uniforms.

6.2.4 Players are required to present their reservation receipt before the start of the game.

6.2.5 Cancellation of games shall be made three (3) days ahead of time, otherwise, the time reserved is considered as played and charged accordingly.

6.2.6 Games affected by “brown-out” shall be allowed to extend their time, provided, that the duration of “brown-out” shall not exceed one hour. Succeeding reservation shall also be extended accordingly. Games affected by more than one (1) hour power failure shall be rescheduled on the earliest available dates.

6.2.7 Reimbursement of electrical, maintenance and other expenses are necessary to cover such costs. The rates may be revised by the Board in keeping with any adjustments in the cost of electricity and related services. Rates are:

Campanilla Park (Covered Gym)
With lights and score boardP1,800.00/hour
With lightsP1,600.00/hour
Without lightsP1,200.00/hour

6.3 Tennis Court

6.3.1 Reservation for the tennis court starts at 7:00 A.M. from Monday to Saturday, on a firstcome-first-served basis. Telephone reservations are not entertained until 9:00 A.M.

6.3.2 The tennis court opens from 7:00 A.M. to 10:00 P.M. daily. All reservations are payable in advance. The Association reserves the right to cancel any reservation made when the player refuses to pay the required rates as follows: daytime – P400.00/hour and nighttime – P450.00/hour. The Board may revise these rates, depending on the actual cost of electricity and other charges.

6.3.3 Heads of families and their spouses will have priority on the use of the court over the dependents. Saturday afternoons and the whole day of Sunday shall be reserved exclusively for heads of families and their spouses.

6.3.4 Only residents of Dasmariñas are entitled to use the tennis court, provided they make the necessary reservation three (3) days in advance of the actual date of use. No single residents will be allowed more than 3 reservations a week, and they are entitled to a total of two (2) hours a day, to avoid monopoly of the court.

6.3.5 Players may hire and bring their own trainers. If interested, a trainer is available at the Clubhouse who is not an employee of the Association.

6.3.6 Cancellation of reservation will be made one (1) day ahead of time, otherwise, the time reserved is considered as played and the corresponding fee is forfeited. Cancelled reservation may be rescheduled upon proper arrangement with the reservation office of the Clubhouse.

6.3.7 All players will be in proper playing uniform and rubber shoes. Players will provide themselves with tennis rackets and balls. The Association is not liable for any loss of equipment in the premises.