Section 5. Prohibited Activities in the Village

5.1 Soliciting/Advertising. The Association prohibits the distribution of any advertising materials to the residents of the Village, either, through the guards of the Association or the representative of the firm. The Association is prohibited from releasing list of residents and telephone number for the purpose of solicitations, advertisements and the like, unless so expressed by the Board. House-to-house agents, canvassers or solicitors are not permitted inside the Village.

5.2 Advertising signs. Commercial or advertising signs shall not be placed, constructed, or erected on the lots. “For Sale” and “For Rent” signs are allowed in private properties and not inhibited by the “No Commercial Signs” regulation, provided that the size of the signs will be limited to 12″ x 24″. Advertising signs for architects, building contractors, and construction materials are also allowed only during the period of construction, provided that said signs are installed within the premises of the building construction and shall be removed after the completion of the building. Name plates and professional signs of homeowners are permitted so long as they do not exceed 80 cm. x 40 cm. in size.

5.3 Open fires. Building fires in the open at the construction site or in any household premises is prohibited.