Section 4. Environment and Sanitation

4.1 Cutting and trimming of trees. Trees along the sidewalks of the main streets on Acacia, Palm Ave., Paraiso, Banyan, Pasay Road, Dasmarinas Ave., Amorsolo, Lumbang, Mahogany and Tamarind Roads are preserved and protected for ecological balance and cutting is strictly prohibited and will not be permitted. Cutting of sidewalk trees without DVA Board’s written approval will mean forfeiture of total Guarantee Deposit.

4.1.1 DVA owns all sidewalks and planting strips in the Village. DVA reserves the right to manage the population of trees planted along planting strips, including without limitation by providing for the species and quantity of trees that shall be planted on such planting strips.

4.1.2 Planting or cutting of trees planted on the planting strips requires the prior written approval of DVA.

a. DVA may impose conditions on the planting of trees, including without limitation that the trees to be planted shall (a) be selected by DVA from among DVA’s list of approved trees and (b) shall be planted by DVA along the planting strip at the Owner’s expense.

b. DVA may impose conditions on the cutting of trees, including without limitation that: (a) the trees to be cut are considered by DVA to be undesirable trees and (b) replacement trees (selected by DVA from among DVA’s list of approved trees) shall be planted by DVA along the planting strip at the Owner’s expense.

c. Should the government require any approvals for the planting or cutting of trees, the Owner shall have the responsibility of securing such approvals.

d. Cutting of trees planted on the planting strips without DVA’s approval shall be subject to a fine of Fifty Thousand Pesos (P50,000.00) per tree. Moreover, DVA may require the party who cut or caused the cutting of the tree without DVA’s permission to bear the cost of planting a replacement tree. Where the unauthorized cutting of a tree is performed in relation to or in connection with a bonded construction, renovation, demolition, or other project, the unauthorized cutting of the tree will result in the forfeiture of the bond or security deposit.

4.1.3 Trees or plants that may cause injury to pedestrians (including without limitation agave plants or other thorny plants), or prevent the use of, or obstruct the sidewalks, may not be planted on the planting strips nor on any part of the property adjacent to the sidewalk.

4.1.4 DVA reserves the right to remove any trees that were planted on the sidewalks without its approval as well as any trees or plants covered by Section 4.1.3 above. The cost for such removal shall be borne by the party who planted or caused the planting of the tree or plant without DVA’s permission.

4.1.5 DVA may approve the cutting of trees to make way for a driveway, subject to Section above.

4.2 Fire Prevention / Grass Cutting. The owners of vacant lots and residents of Dasmariñas Village are required to have the grass on their property trimmed and maintained at all times to reduce fire hazard. The Association will undertake the cutting and charge the cost and expense of grass cutting to the owner. The latter is under obligation to reimburse the Association within thirty (30) days from receipt of the statement of account. Grass cutting rates shall be fixed by the Board of Governors. Residences with swimming pools will allow the Association the use of their water in cases of emergencies, like fires, etc. and the Association will reimburse them for the cost of water used.

4.3 Stray Dogs and Cats. Dogs and cats must be kept within the premises of the lot and taken out only under leash.

4.3.1 Stray dogs and cats caught by the Security Team shall be brought to the DVA Security Office and the owners notified thereof. Unless claimed within 48 hours after notification, the pets will be disposed of accordingly. The residents concerned shall be required to pay a penalty of P1,000.00 or as may be fixed by the Board for each dog or cat recovered by the Security Team plus expenses for maintenance of the animal.

4.3.2 No dogs shall be allowed in the parks at any time. A fine in the amount of P1,000.00 is imposed on vicious stray dogs that have bitten pedestrians, in addition to whatever civil action that may be instituted by the offended party. This fine is intended to require owners of vicious dogs to confine and leash their pets within the premises of their homes.

4.4 Prohibited animals. No cattle, pigs, sheep, goats, ducks, geese, roosters, reptiles or rabbits shall be maintained on the lots, except that pets may be maintained but must be controlled in accordance with the rulings of the Association.