Section 3. Security Control

3.1 Car Stickers. All types of commercial vehicles, with or without stickers, are prohibited to garage or park inside the residence or park on the street overnight. Vehicles of residents must be provided with the prescribed DVA car sticker for identification purposes. A clear photocopy of the car registration bearing the name of the resident must be submitted for DVA file. If the car is under lease purchase, a photocopy of the Lease Agreement from the company President is needed. The car sticker will be affixed on the car by DVA personnel. It is, therefore, necessary to bring the car to the DVA office. Costs of car stickers will be based on reasonable and nominal charges as set by the Board.

3.2 Filing of Cases against Culprits. In cases of burglary, theft, or other crimes committed in the Village where culprits are apprehended or identified, the Association may offer legal assistance thru its legal counsel to the victimized residents.

3.3 On Minors. The security guards in the area are under instructions to take under their custody or conduct to their respective homes minors (children or relatives of Dasmariñas Village residents) caught committing any of the following offenses:

3.3.1 Over-speeding. Not observing the speed limits in the area.

3.3.2 Vandalism, Etc. Such as defacing, destroying or making inoperative street signs, trees and/or private gardens, writing, painting or defacing Association and private properties; permitting pets or other animals to destroy plants of the Association and/or private gardens; hunting and/or shooting birds, causing loud noises while in the streets and sidewalks; unmoral and immoral acts such as public necking, petting, etc.

3.3.3 Special Holiday: Halloween. Customary Halloween practice of the children roaming the Village streets must conform to the regulations of the Association as to curfew time. Children and minors going from house-to-house will be accompanied by residents of legal age. This practice shall be permissible for residents’ children and their guests only; children and minors desiring to conduct Halloween visitation and who are not residents of the Village shall obtain written permission from the Association office 48 hours before the time desired. A violation of the latter shall entitle the security guards to take the necessary action of escorting the children out of the Village area.

3.4 Private Guards. Residents are enjoined to secure prior clearance from the Security Committee before hiring private guards for their residences. Private residential guards hired by residents in the area are required to register with the Association, post Comprehensive General Liability Insurance (CGLI) in the amount of one million pesos (P1,000,000.00) and secure their Identification Cards. These ID cards are left at the gates when the guards check in and out at the gates for security and control purposes.

3.5 Guards Service for Parties. Residents holding parties in the Village, involving more than 30 guests are requested to retain at least a guard from the Association’s security agency to attend to traffic and parking in the immediate vicinity, as well as to prevent vandalism to sidewalk trees and neighboring gardens and undue littering by the drivers or guests. The cost of this service is at least P100.00 per guard or as may be fixed by the Board. These security arrangements may be made with the Association or through the Village Security Officer at the Security Headquarters.

3.6 Garage Sale. Residents leaving the Village and contemplating a sale of their household effects are required to secure prior clearance from the Security Committee.

3.7 I.D. for Domestic help. For better control of entry of unauthorized persons in the area, residents are required to oblige their domestic help to secure identification card from the office of the Association. A nominal fee of P25.00 will be charged for temporary ID wih one-month validity and P120.00 will be charged for regular ID with one-year validity. I.D. cards shall be turned in by the domestic help to their employers when the former leaves the employment. The residents will then surrender them to the office of the Association or to the Village Security Detachment as soon as possible.

3.8 Drug Testing Requirement. A mandatory drug test shall be required prior to issuance of DVA ID to the following for the safety of the Village:

  1. All residents’ household staff
  2. Construction workers
  3. Agency personnel assigned to DVA

3.9 Curfew on Domestic Help. To ensure proper security and check on persons roaming the streets of the Village after 10:00 P.M., all residents are enjoined to restrict the movement of their domestic help from 10:00 P.M. to 5:00 A.M. the next day.