May 19, 2023

Dispelling Misinformation Being Spread
About the Proposed Community Center

The proposed Community Center is a structural solution to a long-time problem that started with
parking in and around the Campanilla-Calumpang Park.

As far back as a decade ago, DVA Governors recognized the severe parking problem in and around
the Campanilla-Calumpang town hall complex housing DVA offices (admin and security), the
pavilion, Barangay office and clinic, basketball court and gym, tennis court, fire brigade quarters
and garage, and open space park. No tangible solutions materialized.

The plan to construct an underground parking facility started as far back as 2017, and over the
years evolved into the construction of a Community Center to start the process to consolidate
various facilities and structures into a single-building structure. Needless to say, there are future
plans to ensure that other unaffected structures will also blend into the new Community Center.

With the goal in mind of constructing a Community Center deserving of DVA’s premiere status,
the different Boards each year endeavored to build a fund so as not to burden residents with any
additional assessment for this project. With sound financial policies, this strategy helped build
up over half a decade the current fund, and which will also allow future Boards to fund other
future major capex projects.

The open-space park will be relocated to the existing basketball and tennis courts, and its area
will not be diminished. While it is feasible to ball and replant some of the existing hard-wood
trees, the area of the new open-space park will also have new trees.

The proposed Community Center is a long term solution that covers the problems of parking
foremost, then consolidation and organization of various facilities, addition of a Convenience
Store, and other services which will enhance the experience in visiting DVA’s park. Naturally,
there will be a temporary disturbance during the construction phase, but rest assured that when
construction ends and as the garden in the new open spaces matures, then the goal of having a
more functional Community Center and Park will have been achieved.

The architectural firm of William Coscolluela is having a scale model of the project done.
Meanwhile, the architectural plans of the project will be set up on boards for viewing at the DVA
office or the Pavilion,

Thank you all for your continued understanding and support.

Leopoldo G. Camara
Special Projects Committee