At the Annual General Meeting of Dasmarifias Village Association (the “Association”) held
‘on March 12, 2023, the members of the Association elected the following residents to the
Board of Governors:

Benjamin G. Herbosa
Herbert M. Consunji
Philip Sigfrid A. Fortun
Fernando L. Imperial
Leopoldo G. Camara
Philip Dexter Ang
Dr. Rouel M. Azores

Following the adjournment of the Annual General Meeting, the newly elected Board held
its Organizational Meeting and elected the officers of the Association, as follows:

Officer Position
Philip Sigfrid A. Fortun President and Chairman of the Board
Fernando L. Imperial Vice President and Vice Chairman of the Board
Leopoldo G. Camara Treasurer
Philip Dexter Ang Corporate Secretary

At the Organizational Meeting, the Board of Governors also assigned Chairpersons to the
following Committees:

Committee Chairperson
Building & Construction Herbert M. Consunji
Beautification Fernando L. Imperial
Community Affairs/ Sports Rouel M. Azores
Benjamin G. Herbosa
Finance Leopoldo G. Camara
Health & Wellness Rouel M. Azores
Benjamin G. Herbosa
TT Transformation & Communication Philip Dexter Ang
Legal Philip Sigfrid A. Fortun
Maintenance Philip Sigfrid A. Fortun
Traffic Management, Fernando L. Imperial (Co-Chair)
Security & Safety Leopoldo G. Camara (Co-Chair)
Special Projects Leopoldo G. Camara
Grievance Philip Sigfrid A. Fortun

DVA would like to express its gratitude for your continued support and assures you of
your Board’s commitment to serving the Village and its residents.