Dear Residents,

If one regularly walks around the village, it is easy to notice that some frontages are neat
and pleasant to walk along on. However, some seem to be neglected and unkempt.
Overgrown plants and obstructing objects discourage pedestrians from using sidewalks

While the areas outside your perimeter wall, such as the sidewalks and planting strips, are
all owned by the Association and are primarily maintained by DVA, we would like to remind
residents that they are partly responsible for the upkeep of their frontage.

How can residents contribute to the cleanliness and orderliness of our streets and sidewalks?
Regularly trim the plants on their frontage to prevent them from obstructing the


  • Keep the sidewalks free of moss and other vegetation by routinely cleaning the
  • Sweep half of the street fronting your residence

Remove any litter and unnecessary objects to keep the area neat and clean

Sometimes, gardeners are not available to clean and beautify the frontage. In these
instances, DVA maintenance personnel can offer their services for a fee to residents that
cannot maintain their frontage on their own.

DVA looks forward to your cooperation as we all work together to keep Dasmarifias Village
streets and sidewalks clean, green and safe for everyone.