DVA Circular 2021-09

Feb 22, 2021

D.V.A. Circular 2021-09

Dear Residents,

On the morning of Friday, February 19, 2021, a resident went to the DVA office and requested copies of certain archived documents. She returned at past 5 pm and after finding out that the documents were not ready yet, started to scream and berate our DVA personnel, disrupting work during this very busy period. In addition to this verbal abuse, the resident followed one of our most senior-level employees around in close proximity which prevented her from doing her work and later on, from leaving the office to go home.

All this ended only when our DVA manager, who suffers from chronic high blood pressure, required the use of an emergency oxygen supply.

This crass, coercive, and shameful intimidation will not be tolerated. Extra security precautions are now in place in the DVA office to provent any repeat of this incident. We hope that in the future, all our residents will treat all DVA staff with the appropriate courtesy.

Thank you for your cooperation.

Manual M. Mañalac