D.V.A. Circular 2021-08


Dear Residents,

Per IATF Resolution No. 99 series of 2021, DVA is pleased to announce the re-opening of our Mahogany and Campanilla Park effective Friday, February 19, 2021.

We enjoin you to cooperate with strict observance of minimum public health protocols: a) wear face masks b) observe social distancing at all times and c) bring your disinfecting agent such as alcohol, wet wipes, etc. and wipe the playground equipment before use.

With this re-opening, kindly be advised that DVA will strictly implement the following guidelines for the duration of the COVID-19 Pandemic:

a. Park Hours6 AM to 6 pm daily
b. One Entry and Exit Point (for Mahogany Park)along Mahogany Street
c. Capacity
– Mahogany Parkmaximum of 30 pax any given time
– Campanilla Parkmaximum of 15 pax any given time

For contact tracing purposes a security guard will be assigned at the park to take note of the addresses of daily visitors. He will also ensure that the above-mentioned protocols will be followed. DVA reserves the right to refuse entry to those who will not adhere to these guidelines.

Again, we ask for everyone’s cooperation thus ensuring the utmost protection of one’s health and preventing the possible spread of the infectious COVID-19 virus.

Have a leisurely stay in our parks!

Thank you.