D.V.A. Circular 2020-15


Dear Residents,

For the past few days, Ms. Gretchen Malalad has been providing contentious statements on social media and interviews regarding the above subject matter.

We are issuing this statement to clarify our position on this matter.

Thank you very much.

Ric Tomines
Village Manager

Statement of DVA

  1. DVA supports the ethical treatment of animals. Ms. Malalad’s public statement that there are “a lot of cat haters in the village” is an unfair and inflammatory generalization. As early as 2011, DVA has had a partnership with CARA Welfare Philippines for the humane management of the cat population in the Village through CARA’s Trap-Neuter-Vaccinate-Release (TNVS) program. Over 1,000 cats have received treatment through the TNVS program, which continues to be funded by DVA. As was explained to Ms. Malalad in a letter dated September 5, 2020, the imposition of a penalty is not an act of cruelty but an attempt to discourage people from leaving cat food in the Senior’s Park, nearby vacant lots and sidewalks. This in turn becomes a health risk as it attracts stray cats from other areas, increases the possiblity of the spread of feline borne diseases, attracts vermin looking for scrap food plus of course the cat waste left behind.

    We invite Ms. Malalad to publicize her September 9, 2020 letter to DVA, in which she expresses both her support for the TNVS program and her gratitude to DVA.

    There is also no truth to Ms. Malalad’s allegation that DVA is planning to round up all the cats and kill them. As stated above, DVA has supported the TNVS program for close to a decade and continues to do so.

    DVA does not condone the abandonment of cats or any other animals within the village. We encourage residents to report any violations of Republic Act No. 8485, The Animal Welfare Act of 1998. DVA will gladly coordinate with Barangay Dasmarinas for the appropriate action.
  2. Residents may adopt stray cats and care for them in their own homes. In the current Memorandum of Agreement between DVA and CARA, DVA expressly advised CARA that residents of the village may adopt stray cats as pets. This removal of stray cats from the streets and into caring residents’ homes would be consistent with the Makati City Animal Regulation & Control Code (see below).
  3. Makati City Animal Regulation & Control Code. Under Makati City Ordinance No. 2009-009, the local government has the duty to impound stray animals. While DVA was hopeful that we could manage our cat population with the help of CARA, given the recent attention that our cat population has been getting in the media, there is a real possibility that the Makati City Veterinary Services Office will conduct impounding operatons in the village. The same ordinance provides that if the stray animals are not claimed after three days from impoundment, they will be offered for sale or adoption, donated to institutions for medical/scientific purposes, or euthanized.

    We therefore encourage Ms. Malalad and other concerned residents to signify their willingness to DVA should they wish to adopt any stray cats.