Dear Residents,

Good morning. There is a screenshot of a message going around suggesting that 3 men had climbed over the fence to rob a home along Tamarind St. The message then continues by saying that the 3 men are still at large, leaving the reader to believe that they may still be inside Dasmariñas Village. This report is causing increased apprehension to some of our residents.

The official DV Security report contains the following information:

  1. On Sunday, April 26, 2020 at about 1:45 pm, a resident of Tamarind St. noticed a single unidentified male inside the property. As the resident was about to grab the intruder, the intruder ran and climbed back out of Dasmariñas Village.
  2. The resident reported the incident and PNP Barangay Police, Barangay Tanod and DV Security Guards promptly responded.
  3. DV Security attempted to pursue the intruder and were able to interview eyewitnesses in the area outside the Village
    1. The eyewitnesses said although there was only one person who went up the wall, he had 2 accomplices waiting on the Taguig side.
    2. One of the 3 people involved has been identified and the PNP are looking for him and his accomplices.
  4. The last sighting of the perpetrators was outside our village and there is no reason to believe that they are inside the village.
  5. All members of the household are safe. DV maintenance has worked with the resident to temporarily secure the window that was used as an entry point.

Please be assured that your DV security team is working to keep the village safe. We would also like to request residents to not spread misleading information that may add to the anxiety during this ECQ.

Thank you very much.

DVA Management