Dear friends and neighbours,

About six weeks ago, your DVA Board of Governors (BOG) wrote to inform you that DVA had a plan in place to cope with the Enhanced Community Quarantine. At that time, we assured you that village security, safety and other basic services would continue. DVA had set aside resources to provide food, lodging and other necessities for our 116 security, maintenance and administrative personnel who had volunteered to be quarantined inside Dasmariñas Village to avoid the potential spread of the virus.

With the ECQ now officially extended a second time to May 15, we once again assure you that the village will remain safe and secure with complete delivery of basic services.

Soon after we sent out that letter, DVA started to receive care packages from our residents for the benefit of our personnel. You sent snacks, meals, ingredients for meals, personal protective equipment, money and many, many, more items. Your kindness has also been extended to the workers in construction sites that have had difficulty accessing food because of the quarantine. The spontaneous show of generosity has been so highly appreciated that personnel have approached us to let us know how proud they are to be part of our Dasmariñas Village Community.

During this ECQ, we received voluntary assistance from 92 members or about 7.7% of total households in the village. We now hope to raise member participation to 80% or 960 households. Of the 92 members, 17 chose to send money totalling Php 332,000.00. Your BOG has decided to use these funds in the spirit that we believe they were given – to show gratitude to our loyal and hard working personnel by providing them with cash gifts. By the end of this ECQ, they would have sacrificed two months of their lives away from their families to serve our village.

For the many concerned residents who have inquired on how to help, a donation to this fund will be greatly appreciated by our personnel and their families. We understand that many of you are already helping other causes. Rather than focusing on the amount of each donation, however, we hope that more individual families donate, whatever the amount. What matters is that our personnel know that the entire village is behind them. We believe everyone’s participation is important for our community to get stronger.

Thank you very much for your continued support. Please stay safe!

Your DVA Board of Governors