Dear Fellow Residents:

Please be advised that at a special meeting of the DVAl Board of Governors, the demand contained
in a letter dated May 16, 2023 that the barangay vacate the premises it has been occupying rent-free for over 25 years, was resolved to be withdrawn.

I had written the Barangay on this matter subject to its submission of a proposal for the payment of
reasonable rent based on the actual floor area it occupies within the DVAI town hall premises.

Payment of rent by the Barangay for office and other spaces occupied by its staffs premised on the
fact that (a) it is a government entity and should have its own facility without having to rely on the generosity of DVAI for the use of its private premises, (b) it is an organization with allocation of public funds from the City government and from fees it collects from the public that transacts with it, and, thus, can afford to pay rent, and (c) the 50 or more people who do daily business with it, not to mention its 38 employees, and 18 government-owned vehicles congest the town hall premises for which the use of common facilities are burdened to the detriment of residents who also avail of the same facilities for sports, leisure, or entertainment.

DVA will also be charging the Barangay reasonable fees each time it uses the DVAI pavilion or other areas reserved for residents as its consumption of electricity, water, and wages of maintenance people to keep it clean, can no longer be given free-of-charge by DVA.

I make this announcement to stop the disinformation being spread by some people on the matter, and to disclose the status of the Barangay as an occupant of the DVAI town hall.

Thank you for your attention.

Very truly yours,

Philip Sigfrid A. Fortun