For many years now, we envisioned Dasmariñas Village to be a truly wired community that provides the best connectivity services that are fast, reliable, and sufficient to serve the needs of its residents in this high-speed digital age. We desired to live in a village without unsightly telecommunication wires crisscrossing our streets, while hoping that these same wires do not get cut by falling tree branches during strong winds and typhoons or gnawed on by voracious squirrels.

We have good news for everyone.

Our partner telecommunications service providers – namely Sky, PLDT/Smart, and Globe – have given their commitment to fully migrate all their remaining subscribers to our newly-built Underground Fiber facilities. As we speak, most of our residents already enjoy the benefits of this facility, and we thank you those who have already completed their migration process.

A related objective is to begin pulling down all our current aerial facilities, so we must ensure that all subscribers have transferred to the new underground facilities.

We have therefore agreed to allow the service providers to conduct the final migration activities starting November 04, 2022, as follows:

  1. Actual home visit to subscribers to conduct a pre-survey of the residence and assure its readiness.
  2. Availability of contractors on-site to complete the immediate transfer of facilities.
  3. Schedule the migration activities per cluster as specified below:

The DVA Board of Governors encourages residents to have their facilities migrated as scheduled above to immediately avail of the improved quality and support for our voice, cable, and internet services. We strongly urge you to take advantage of this opportunity so as not to be affected by the impending pullout of the old aerial facilities.

We look forward to your cooperation as we all work towards better telecommunication services to our beloved residents.


Village Manager