With several reported incidents of stolen DVA stickers this week alone, we would like to remind everyone to be on the alert to avoid being victimized by the perpetrators of these crimes.

We advise residents to observe the following tips:

1) When parking in public areas, try to park near the entrance of the building/establishment where the security personnel can clearly see your vehicle;
2) Park facing the establishment so that the vehicle’s windshield can be more visible to people in the building;

3) Keep your vehicle’s dashcam running while the vehicle is parked to record footage if a person attempts to remove your vehicle’s sticker; and

4) Always remain vigilant and aware of your surroundings and do not hesitate to contact authorities when you notice anything suspicious.

In the event your vehicle’s DVA sticker has been tampered or removed, please contact the DVA office immediately at 8843-2262 or DVA security at 8810-8484 so that the sticker can be deactivated.

Thank you.
DVA Management