D.V.A. Circular 2021-16


At the Annual General Meeting of Dasmariñas Village Association (the “Association”) held on March 14, 2021, the members of the Association elected the following to the Board of Governors:

Leopoldo P. CamposTwo years (2021 to 2023)
Edgardo P. ReyesTwo years (2021 to 2023)
Leopoldo G. CamaraTwo years (2021 to 2023)
Jose Ma. L. De VeneciaTwo years (2021 to 2023)
Aurelio Paulo R. BartolomeOne year (2021 to 2022)
Philip Dexter AngOne year (2021 to 2022)
Dr. Rouel M. AzoresOne year (2021 to 2022)

Pursuant to Article V, Sec. 1 of the By-Laws, Manuel M. Mañalac, as the immediate past president of the Association, is an ex-officio member of the Board.

Following the adjournment of the Annual General Meeting, the newly elected Board of Governors held its Organizational Meeting and elected the following as officers of the Association:

Leopoldo P. CamposPresident and Chairman of the Board
Jose Ma. L. De VeneciaVice President, Vice Chairman of the Board, and Corporate Secretary
Aurelio Paulo R. BartolomeTreasure

At the Organizational Meeting, the Board of Governors also assigned Chairpersons to the following Committes:

Building & ConstructionJose Ma. L. De Venecia
Community Affairs / Beautification / SportsAurelio Paulo R. Bartolome
FinanceAurelio Paulo R. Bartolome
Health & WellnessDr. Rouel M. Azores
IT Transformation & CommunicationPhilip Dexter Ang
LegalCarlos Martin M. Tayag
MaintenanceLeopoldo P. Campos
Traffic Management, Security & SafetyLeopoldo P. Campos (Co-Chair)
Manuel M. Mañalac (Co-Chair)
Special ProjectsEdgardo P. Reyes (Co-Chair)
Leopoldo G. Camara (Co-Chair)
GrievanceCarlos Martin M. Tayag

We thank you for your continued support and assure you of your Board’s commitment to serve Dasmariñas Village and its members.