DVA Advisory – Information on Makati City’s Makatizens Economic Relief Program or Maka Tulong 5K For 500K Program

DVA is encouraging our residents to participate in this generous program by the Makati City Government. Practically all households in the village are included. You can use the aid, give it to your family members, distribute it to your household staff or even help out other residents in our village who have programs to help other communities in our city. For those who do not have access to the Makatizen App or www.proudmakatizen.com website, you can also register by following the instructions below:

  1. Download and fill up the Makatizen Application Form.
  2. Once filled up, print, sign and affix your thumbprint on the space provided for and then scan the document.
  3. E-mail the scanned copy of the accomplished application form and 1 government ID to [email protected].

We recommend that you also submit a hard copy of the above documents to our Barangay Office in case your digital application encounters technical difficulties.

Thank you for your kind attention.