Dear Friends and Neighbors,

I have been asked by several residents for information about a message attributed to our Barangay Captain saying, “we are writing a letter to DVA informing them about the guidelines they cannot spray people only sanitise things” posted in her Viber Group. This evening, I received a letter from our Barangay Captain saying “it has recently come to our attention that the DVA has been spraying disinfectants on persons entering the Village.”

DVA does not have a policy to spray disinfectant on people. Early in the ECQ, your Board received a proposal to set up misting tents at our pedestrian gates. The Board carefully considered the proposal but did not approve it because of several reasons including maintenance costs, the lack of proven effectivity, and most of all, the possible negative effects on the people exposed to the chemicals. Our actions were validated later on when DOH said as much.

While there is a misting tent located in front of the Barangay and DVA Offices, this tent is not in use. It was a generous private gift to the Barangay and Village by a well meaning resident. We explained to the resident that it was not our policy to mist, but he said that the tent was pre ordered and couldn’t be returned. The Barangay is fully aware of the circumstances of this misting tent which has been near the entrance to their office for two weeks and which clearly can be repurposed.

Your village association personnel are busy enough during this ECQ attending to the needs of residents, monitoring possible threats to safety including fire and burglary, coordinating with the various utility companies to ensure safe drinking water, internet and electricity and other important work without these unnecessary distractions. I hope the Barangay Captain sees fit to investigate a little more and gather facts before making allegations.

I have asked our Barangay Captain for clarification because other than the unused misting tent, there is no circumstance suggesting that DVA sprays people with disinfectant. As I have mentioned in the past, we should all refrain from spreading incomplete and inaccurate information, and fake news.

Thank you very much for your time


Manual M. Mañalac,
President, Dasmariñas Village Association