Dear Residents,

Due to the continued oppressive summer heat, DVA will now allow the entry of Airconditioner Service Crews and Airconditioner Delivery. PAGASA has categorized a heat index between 41 and 54 degrees Celcius as “Dangerous”. With PAGASA reporting that the heat index reached 43 degrees Celsius in Quezon City toda, DVA believes this must be implemented right away for the sake of some of our residents.

Please bear in mind that contact with anyone outside your household increases your chances of infection. Please weigh the possible consequences of your actions before making your decision to avail of this service.

The service and delivery crews will be subjected to mask and temperature checks at our gates but please take all the necessary precautions in your home including:

  1. Providing foot baths or asking the crew to remove their shoes before entering your home.
  2. Providing sanitizers to sanitize socks, footwear and gloves with 70% alcohol.
  3. Ensuring masks are worn even indoors.
  4. Ensuring proper social distancing even indoors.
  5. Sanitizing materials and equipment when possible.
  6. Reducing contact with anyone in your household by providing a clear access from your door to the unit.
  7. And, if possible, bringing the units outside so service crews do not have to go indoors.

To avoid any delays or inconvenience, please inform the DVA Security Office through telephone numbers 88108484, 88101515 and 88108787, at least 1 day before you expect the service or delivery. We will compile a list and submit to the Barangay who will contact you if they need further clarification.

Thank you very much and we hope for your full cooperation.

Your DVA Board