To our residents: Last night, a letter from our Barangay Captain to one of our residents quickly went viral on various platforms. This has put our Village in the spotlight (which we believe none of us want) and has added to the stress levels inside the Village.

In an attempt to provide perspective, this is the information that we have verified:

(1) Based on our security records, the most recent large gathering at the property of the concerned resident occurred on the evening of March 4 or 24 days ago.
(2) The resident says that he was not contacted, whether by the Barangay or a health care professional, before he was pronounced to be a PUM.

DVA is not qualified to triage or designate persons as PUMs, PUIs, or COVID-19 positive. All of the DOH processes we have seen for this purpose are meant to be used by health care professionals and appear to require an examination of the patient and an inquiry into the patient’s historical whereabouts.

We hope this information gives proper perspective on events and adds a little calm to our residents. In any case, we urge all our residents to STAY AT HOME.