Dear DVA Members

Mar 18, 2020

Dear DVA Members,

ln these challenging times, the Dasmarinas Village Association would like to assure you that it is dedicating all of its efforts towards safeguarding the health and safety of everyone in the Village. As we encourage everyone to calmly observe health precautions and social distancing, we would like to provide you with the following updates:

  • Contingency Plans and Resources. Your DVA Board and Management drew up contingency plans prior to this crisis. This included allocating an additional cash buffer prior to start of the quarantine. Though supplies are not always available for purchase, we do have the funds to purchase the supplies that we need. This has also allowed us to advance the salaries of the DVA staff as well as provide advances to our service providers. We will have enough funds for the foreseeable eventualities. We are prepared.
  • Security and safety. Our contingency plans have allowed us to maintain a full complement of security guards. We have a total of 70 Security Personnel, many of whom have opted to stay inside DVA during the duration of the quarantine. Many of these guards have also undergone emergency training. We are protected.
  • Village staff and maintenance. We have 5 well trained and competent DVA office staff present and a complement of 18 maintenance personnel to keep things running. Garbage collection will continue as scheduled. We will have basic services as long as the quarantine permits.
  • Generous members. While the board, staff and service providers have been busy and hard at work, it is and will be the strong community spirit that will help us get through this. Many of our security guards and maintenance staff have opted to stay in the Village overnight, and a homeowner along Campanilla Street has kindly allowed them to use his house. This is just one example, and we have received offers of help from many of our other members. We will reach out to you separately to coordinate the assistance. We have members we can count on.
  • Village advisories. For up to date and accurate information regarding the status of our Village, please sign up for our text blast service if you have not done so already. We are already experiencing problems with our printing service provider as they choose to temporarily suspend operations. You can sign up for the blast text service by calling the numbers below. Please be ready to provide the member’s name and address, and the mobile phone number where you would like messages to be sent. lf you have any concerns, please call 8 8432262 or 8 8108484.

We all stand strong together!