Garbage Collection Schedule

Proper Waste Disposal

  • All households must adhere to our garbage collection schedule and use clear/transparent garbage bags.
  • DVA allocates a certain number of garbage bags per household per quarter. Please contact DVA for your allocation.
  • Please put out your garbage bags within 2 hours of collection time.


Monday / Wednesday / Friday / Sunday8 PMResidual & Kitchen Waste
(Must be separated)
Tuesday / Thursday / Saturday8 AMYard Waste
(Please see proper handling guidelines below)


Residual Waste / Hindi Nabubulok

  • Worn-out Fabric/Cloth
  • Cartons with Plastic Lining
  • Candy Wrappers & Sachets
  • Diapers and other related items
  • Other Materials that are Non-Compostable and Non-Recyclable

Kitchen Waste / Nabubulok

  • Leftover Food
  • Fruit Peels
  • Vegetable Trims
  • Fish/Meat Entrails

Yard Waste

  • Branches / Twigs / Leaves / Flowers
Proper Handling of Yard Waste:
  • Branches/Twigs: cut into 1 meter then bundle.
  • Allowable weight per bundle: approximately 7 to 10 kg.
  • Use wires or plastic straws to bundle the branches/twigs.
  • Max of four (4) bundles per household per collection.
  • Excess bundles will be picked up on the next collection day.